What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude is the highest vibration with which we can live. 
It is the same vibration as love. 
Let us begin each day with gratitude, 
and let it continue throughout the day, 
so that we may cease our addiction to negativity, 
and train our minds to be more comfortable in happiness.

Email your gratitude to jb@heartsoldier.com and I will add it to the list, and the list will never end, and neither will our thanks.

Thank you for...

I am grateful for the perspective life gives me, 
reminding me I am ok. 
My heart goes out to those experiencing
true pain right now. 
Mine is only in my head. 
... Anonymous please :)

I’m thankful for choices. bridget kennedy

Dear Jennifer,

I stumble to ur website from ur article on fearless revolution about how to give up a car. I happen to have a bad mood today, but when i browse ur website it really reminds me that i should be more grateful for my life, forget about those little things that irritates me & move on. So i make a mental note of things that i am grateful of & it's a lot. I really want to thank u too..! Keep spreading the love & joy Jennifer. May God bless you.. :)


- N i n u k  S.

“I am grateful for all my senses!”  chrysta horwedel

“Love in my life, and my creative mind.” justin souter

“I have a friend that is
 a half a world away from me
 that thought of me
 at 6:00 in the morning.
For that I am grateful.” 
ben zulpo

I am thankful that it is the moment that creates the future and not the past. 
Each moment is created spontaneously by the interaction of our hearts. 
It is not possible to predict what will happen in each moment. 
It is a mistake to even try. 
However, we can influence what happens with our thoughts. 
Positive thoughts create positive moments and so on, and so on, . . . .
                                                                                                                                -Tim Holder

The calm moments in life 
when those around us are safe 
and in good health. 
Eternally grateful for the ability 
to wake everyday 
and be surrounded by family, 
friends and good people. 
Todd Leach

The love and support of family and friends, 
both of my brothers survival, 
a smile from a stranger, 
forming a bond with any animal, 
honesty, music, 
the ability to move freely, 
anyone's laugh, 
colors, beautiful design, 
and last but not least...all acts of LOVE!
-Jodi Howard

I am thankful for lips...
as hard as I try to find some other purpose
God may have intended for them, 
I can only conclude they are meant for kissing 
-Heather Barnette

I am grateful for YOUR understanding and nonjudgmental heart. 
I am thankful that I have a cozy bed to curl up in 
when I'm too weak to face the day. Natalie Black

“My amazing spiritual growth...humbling.” james hall

i am thankful for words
so i may use them with grace.
a flexible body and soul, 
to move but not break
warm rainy days and thunder claps
kissing a lover awake from an afternoon nap ~ambur lowenthal

“In all the world, 
I am most grateful that I am a mom.” 
cass kroener

“priceless memories” 
maita wu

Air conditioning. And the library. 
Tons of information. Free information. 
And of course, baby girls. 
chrissie henderson

My sense of humor, that I hugged my oldest son goodbye so he could head to San Francisco for a music festival I got him tickets for, and that I'm taking my youngest to his first show tonight to balance it all out, at the Troubadour. Oh, and coffee, love the coffee. And of course you know what else...♥ Ashley Quaine

“Everything.” Lou Fazio

I am so grateful my son is home today safe after 10 weeks away from me this summer! Lisa Helena Stokker

“to be alive! 
to have awesome kids!! 
to have fabulous friends like you!!” 
Misty Whitt

I’m so very very grateful for all the positive loving people in my life.  
It's Amazing to run into so many helpful and nice people here in Paris,
when I need it here =)   Hope all is well.  Much luv =)  Mark Tzeng

“Titties” Michael Black

“spontaneous summer pool parties” Manny Ipapo

Today I’m grateful that when my eyes opened this morning, I could see, when I turned the water on to take a shower, it was hot, when I turned the key in the ignition, my car started, and when my brain tells my body to move...it does. 
Sometimes it's just the little things...that really are the big things...cuz they make my life so comfortable. 
Jen Black u r the icing on the cake.
Xo Micki Duran

                                                                           “To be alive.” kelly white

cozy beds, crackers, chocolate, a good movie, and you. aqua yost

“That I wasn’t disrespectful and mean to Uncle Bob when I wanted to be, because I knew today would come, and I would regret doing so.” Mark Black said, as our less-than-friendly Uncle Bob made his transition from this life. 
(I’m so grateful for my brother Mark and his enormous heart.)

“I am grateful that I am graced with awareness and that I am awake in my life. Because that’s the only way I could ever really enjoy or appreciate or love or see you for what you are.” ~Ciera Parrack

“I’m grateful for wonderful friends that love me 
even when I act stupid at karaoke.
I’m grateful for my Mammaw every day.
I read her journal every night.
I miss her so much!!” 
Natalie Black

my two precious little ones, my friends, having a safe place to lay my head at night, life...
sue goldblas cornick

Life, Love, Everyone, The Chance Ernest Heinz

For my day off.....in Morro Bay! What's up with the job? Brian Dizon

I am grateful for the colleagues that I am working with right now in Colorado Springs who are all hardworking, brilliant, and do not have ego power trips!                     cass kroener

“10 hours of much needed sleep...xoxoxo.”  christy marsden

Sara Causey Parsons

I'm grateful for the sunshine that is making the tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini grow in my garden....the washable markers my daughter likes to write all over herself with, and the loose change in the bottom of my purse I was able to give the old man sitting outside the nail place yesterday. ~susan glasgow

my kiddos and more rain :) Jossie Valentin Smith

“Able to practice yoga!” ~yogi ken chan

                                      my teachers! Devon Kimball

Doggies! Lydia Marcus

For being chosen ♥ Ofer Abraham Moses

A positive attitude and friendship! Wendy Brynford-Jones

“Well, right now it’s my ability to spot a scammer and send him packing without feeling bad, haha!” Nicole Woodard

small pillows.....they're perfect for killing the mosquitoes that get in when the non-indigenous take their sweet time coming in. 
and wet-ones....they clean the smears and blood off the wall when I'm contented from admiring the carnage.      ~Gene Black

I'm thankful for Gene, he makes me laugh. 
I like to laugh so I'm thankful for laughing too :) Janice Patton

“my ability to breathe.” claire hartley

“All of my family and friends that are coming to celebrate my wedding with me this weekend! And for my wonderful future husband, of course!!!” Allison Black

my emotional strength and my faith ~janice patton

Your friendship. You? 
I’m grateful for being born. 
With an open mind. 
~Cale Horibe

the sun
the trees outside my window
the fan that keeps me cool
my friends and family
the gift of iWeb, to do this thing on my own
all my teachers
all the lessons
each and every thing i still don’t know
and everything i’ve learned
and forgotten
thank you for all the beauty of this earth
and for sundresses and summer and skirts
thank you for the gift of teaching yoga
and for all the other passions that run through me...j.black